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Shooting from the hip is so 2005.
Creative analytics is the better way.

Ad platforms are walled gardens.

They do their best to optimize your ads – but they don’t explain why creatives are working.

Ad creative can drive extreme performance.

But the majority of advertisers still rely on their best guesses and limited data.

Humans can only analyze so many factors.

It is slow, tedious, and error-prone work to do creative analytics manually.

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How it works

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SuperCMO connects directly to your Meta and LinkedIn accounts.

We analyze your ad creative and performance data.

We use ML models to correlate visual elements in your ad creative with performance signals.

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Empower your creative team with real creative insights from your performance data.


Powerful features to analyze your marketing creatives.

Analyze across all your channels.

Get started in minutes by connecting your ad platforms: Meta, LinkedIn, Google, and more.

Audience insights.

Learn which creatives elements are working across a variety of demographic factors: age, location, gender, and more.

Creative samples.

We show you what changes will boost your creative performance – and even generate sample creative as a guide.


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